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All chronic pain that is not related to an injury begins in the brain.  Many people believe their pain is from an injury and in many cases the pain can be healed by treating the underlying cause which is tension and stress.  Meditation rewires the brain to provide long lasting chronic pain relief.

Medical doctors treat symptoms, prescribe medicine and perform unecessary surgeries.

Introducing PRM.  Pain Relief Meditation. 

Scientifically tested and proven method of naturally treating chronic pain, sleep disorders and many chronic illness.

How Pain Relief Meditation Works Without Meds or Surgery

According to leading neuroscientists and scientific research, meditation has been proven to reduce pain and inflammation throughout the body, reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, 

fibromyalgia, psoriasis, post-traumatic stress disorders, chronic pain and illness, reverses the aging process, helps with addiction recovery, increases creativity, learning, and critical thinking skills. 

Meditation does this by literally changing the way the brain is wired so the pain signals disappear.  The other benefits previously mentioned are free to occur simultaneously.

This rewiring of the brain is called Neuroplasticity, where the brain reforms and reorganizes synaptic connections.

Using guided mediations specifically designed for you, we’ll create moments of Neuroplasticity which will change the way your brain thinks about pain to reduce or eliminate the pain signals from being created and traveling through your body.

How Meditation Works

According to leading neuroscientists meditation has been proven to reduce stress, blood pressure, depression, anxiety, irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, psoriasis, post-traumatic stress disorders, chronic pain and other chronic illness.


Meditation quite literally changes the brain in ways that benefit the broad scope of the population regardless of demographics.  It’s called Neuroplasticity, where the brain forms and reorganizes synaptic connections.

Studies have shown meditation to reverse the aging process, speed up mental and physical recovery, increase attention span, improve sleep, help addiction recovery, increase creativity, help with critical thinking, increase cognitive abilities such recalling what you know, storing new memories, skills for solving problems, how quickly you perform mental tasks and how you use your eyes and ears for learning.

1-on-1 Intensive Meditation & Spiritual Guidance

Together we’ll use a combination of powerful techniques to i’ve learned and developed to unleash momentum in your life to get control over your emotions, career, finances, health, energy levels & heal relationships.

Stepping Stones To Spirituality
- The Breath

The Breath is the first volume in a series of condensed guidebooks. With awareness of our breath we can begin to balance our life energy creating a solid foundation for growth.

Stepping Stones To Spirituality - New Human

New Human is an in depth look towards an ideal future for humanity. Intended to inspire and guide humanities compass to balance, compassion, honesty, love and expansion.

The Ultimate Habit Tracker

Tracking our habits helps to install new programming into our subconscious. Food & water intake, our daily rituals & practices and tracking how we feel after doing them, all on one easy to use sheet.

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